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Street Dancing


1. This competition is called “Kinabayo 2009”, open to all interested groups/organizations outside and/or within the city


2.  A free interpretation contest, at any rate it is a must to infuse the (Sinug) with the use of Parpagayo/SAN FRANCISCO LEAVES as a form of veneration. Kinabayo dance step, ((prancing)) and the musical piece, ((GOZOS NI SENIOR SANTIAGO is strongly advised as part during the ritual, CD-of the music is available for reproduction at the CITY TOURISM OFFICE after conformation of participation. Moreover, the use of live musical instruments is compulsory.


3. Each group must have a minimum of sixty (60) performers excluding props men, instrumentalists and all other person involved in the preparation of the performance.


4. Each contingent shall have at least five-horse mascots and a Kinabayo Festival Queen. Costumes shall jibe with the team of the presentation.


5.  Each group will perform a minimum of seven (7) minutes but not more that twelve (12) including entrance and exit. A yellow flag will be raised to signal the set-up of props, but not to exceed three (3) minutes. A white flag will be raised to signal the start of the presentation and a red flag will automatically be raised at the lapse of the given/agreed time, hence deductions will commence.


6. Only props of manageable sizes are allowed on the Streets and in the final showdown.  Street Dancing is a progressive and a free style interpretation-in veneration of the Patron Saint, Saint James the Greater. A minimum of two (2) minutes and a maximum of four (4) minutes presentation at the judges’ post.


7. There will be separate judging for Street Dancing and Final Showdown with a separate set of judges.


8. Each contingent shall provide its own first aids. Transportation, meals and other miscellaneous expenses related to the participation shall be shouldered by the contingent. At the outset, each registered/confirmed contingent shall receive TEN THOUSAND PESOS (pHp10,000.00) AS AUGMENTATION FUND. School classrooms will be provided to the contingents in need of accommodation. Final Briefing of contingent heads and choreographers will be on July 17, 2008, 9:00 am at the Ilihan Hill Hall, Dapitan City Resort Hotel. For further information and assistance, please contact RODIOLAN S. PORLAS AT 09205249458 or call 9065) 213-6203.


9. The contingent will be judged on the following criteria:



Criteria for Street Dancing

Choreography and Creativity                           40 points

Costume and Props                                       30 points

Technicality                                                  30 points

100 POINTS         


Criteria for Final Showdown


Performance/Theme/Concept/Musicality             40 points

(Presentation, grace, vivacity and relevance

to the allegorical drama of the battle of Covadongga

and Clavijo, Gozos ni Sr. Santiago)

Choreography                                                                    30 points

(Relevance to the theme/concept presented,

Effective and artistic use of props relevant to

The interpretation of the theme/concept

Presented and the use of horse mascots)


TOTAL                     100 points


10.  Contest proper will be at the Jose Rizal Memorial State College, Main Campus ground. Contest must go on in all weather condition as per agreement by all participating contingents. Contingent representative must be present during the final briefing.


11.  All competing registered non-winning contingents shall receive consolation prize.




First Prize                                                     100,000.00

Second Prize                                                            75,000.00

Third Prize                                                    60,000.00


Consolation                                                  20,000.00

Augmentation fund                                       10,000.00


Best in Street Dancing                                               20,000.00

Best in Costume                                           10,000.00

Best Choreographer                                       10,000.00

Best Senior Santiago Horse mascot                 5,000.00

Kinabayo Festival Queen 2009                                    5,000.00


12.  The Street Dancing shall follow the appointed time by the Committee: 12:00 noon Street Dancing at Bagting as the starting point. Contest proper will follow immediately after first contingent will arrive at the contest ground. Hall of Famer is disqualified.


13.  Non-conformity of the contest rules/guidelines by the participating contingents will subject them to automatic deduction from the Final Rating. Deduction shall be done by the tabulators with the knowledge and approval of the Board of Judges.


Deduction:            a) 5 points for less or more than the prescribed number of performers

b) 5 points for non-conformance of the agreed time limit

c) 2 points for stationary dancing per recurrence

d) 0 point shall be given to the contingent who defies using the

authorized Musical Piece (musical criteria-20 points)


14.  Judges’ decision is final and non-appealable. Complains will not be entertained after the proclamation of winners.


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