Because Dapitan, is the town that deserves to be the best known on earth…

“It is located on a beautiful bay which looks towards the West, on a kind of island especially made for it as if to isolate it from the vulgar world, a river which to accommodate it, has gladly consented to divide itself into two, its two silvery arms encircling it and bringing it toward the sea as an offering, for being the most beautiful thing that it could find in its tortuous and undulating pilgrimage through mountains and valleys, through woodlands and plains.”

were the words of the Philippines’ foremost hero and martyr, Dr. Jose P. Rizal, about Dapitan, his place of exile from 1892 to 1996, in an unfinished novel he wrote entitled Dapitan .

It was in Dapitan where Rizal demonstrated the idea that “it is a useless life which is not consecrated to a great ideal, his doctrine of dedicated and unselfish service to our fellowmen,” (Esteban de Ocampo, The Rizal Shrine in Dapitan, Monograph, undated).

It is in Dapitan’s unique Rizaliana heritage and idyllic setting lie the City’s competitive edge in achieving its vision and strategic position in the global village.