City Information Division

The Barangayanihan Caravan in Barangay Sta. Cruz this city exhilarated about 600 families, Monday.

Barangay Chairman Miguel Gahisan heads the locales from Purok Trigo, Palmera and Ubas on the said activity wherein agencies present in the activity assisted the general public.

The Duterte Legacy: Barangayanihan Caravan Towards National Recovery is a collaboration with different government agencies that aims to inform the public about various government programs, policies, accomplishments and efforts to bring about real change to the lives of the Filipinos emulated by the local chief executive Mayor Rosalina “Nene” Jalosjos supported by 1st District Representative Cong. Romeo Jalosjos Jr. and former Cong. Seth Frederick “Bullet” Jalosjos.

The city government desire to ensure economic prosperity and push for proactive and efficient social services to its locales especially this time of the pandemic.