City Information Division

Chairmans coming from the different barangays in the city and some garbage collectors underwent a seminar-workshop on proper collection of wastes collected from the different households, disposal and transporting of wastes to the city’s dumpsite in Sitio Napoyan, Barangay Aseniero.

Again, the city government reminded everyone that proper waste disposal is everyone’s concern and responsibility to avoid problems brought about by the increasing amount of trash collected every day in the community.

Environmental Management Specialist, Leo Alistado said it is important that residents should observe proper segregation of their trash. He emphasizes the need to recycle wastes to reduce the increasing problem of improper waste disposal which causes clogged drainage or canals, flooding and even diseases in the community.

Barangay officials are tasked to encourage constituents to properly segregate biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes and to practice the 3Rs —reduce, re-use and recycle.

Joseph Alvi Agolong, officer-in-charge of the City’s General Services Office is expectant after the seminar-workshop that residents will sooner begin to practice proper waste management at home.

Agolong added wastes segregation is easy if residents will have to adopt it and think about the positive effects it will bring to the community.