City Information Division

The City Health Office in Dapitan recently released its record that the city had reached its 70% target population to be fully vaccinated of COVID-19.

Mayor Rosalina Jalosjos said this is the thrust of the city government to get everyone vaccinated to be protected against COVID-19 which would really aid in decreasing daily cases in the city.

Records have shown that 42,320 individuals or 70.42% had completed the second dose including those given with a single dose of Janssen. 79.70% or 47,897 individuals were administered with the first dose while 6.23% or 3,745 individuals had booster shots.

Herd immunity is a notion that a virus can no longer spread easily when the majority of the population is made immune to it via vaccination or recent infection, thus indirectly protecting other individuals without immunization. But despite reaching the targeted population the city government persists in urging residents to get vaccinated with its hope to improve the city’s economic situation that is deeply affected by the pandemic