Dapitan City shall, by year 2020, have been developed as a heritage center and  enhanced its competitive position as a major eco-tourism destination in the Southern Philippines. Tourist arrivals, both domestic and foreign shall have increased by 20% annually.

By maximizing productivity in agriculture, livestock and fishery, the volume of production shall, by year 2020, exceed at least 5% of the population requirements and have shared in the raw material requirements of the industries that shall operate in the Provincial Agricultural Industrial Center (PAIC) through the Dapitan-Dipolog-Katipunan-Roxas-Manukan (DDKRM) Industrial Corridor.

Trade, commercial and industrial activities shall have increased by 5% and be an active and regular contributor to the DDKRM corridor.  Barangay Polo be initially operated as the People’s Industrial Enterprise (PIE) and Barangay San Vicente as the Industrial Development Warehousing support facilities of the Pulauan Port shall have been initially developed.


By the year 2020, a better quality of life for the Dapitanon’s shall have been attained through an improved delivery of basic services and Malnutrition shall have been reduced. Health structures and day care facilities shall have been provided.

It is also envisioned that the Rizalian values of integrity, honesty and resourcefulness are vigorously and sustainably promoted in all of the city’s educational systems and preserved.


The City shall have constructed and put in place adequate networks and facilities-based infrastructures necessary to support the sustainable economic development thrusts.

The structures, facilities and infra-related amenities in the commercial convergence zones and the industrial corridor and warehousing facilities shall have been put in place.


By the year 2020, the City shall have maintained sustainable ecological balance and the poblacion has emerged as a bustling center of tourism and culture heritage in an environmentally friendly setting.


At the end of the planning period, the City shall have attained an efficient and effective governance and sound financial status.

Public and private sector cooperation and linkages in developmental undertakings shall have been strengthened.