City Information Division

Dapitan had obtained 70% or 42,320 individuals vaccinated against COVID-19 of its target population or the herd immunity based on records recently released by the City Health Office last January 21, 2022

Just the same the city government sustained its campaign to residents to get vaccinated against COVID-19 alongside the Department of Health’s Regional Vaccination Days aggregating several thousand residents.

The 3-day vaccination started January 26-28 wherein 939 individuals were administered with the first dose, second dose and booster shots on the first day. 1, 044 individuals were vaccinated on the second day while 929 individuals were vaccinated on the last day which totaled 2, 912 individuals adding up to the present number of vaccinated individuals in the city. 

These are the residents coming from the 12 mobile sites situated in different barangays from Antipolo, Aseniero, Barcelona, Kauswagan, Baylimango, Ilaya, Larayan, Opao, Owaon, Potungan, Sulangon and Taguilon.

Several residents also came to the fixed sites in Dapitan Cultural and Sports Center, Talisay Covered Court, Jose Rizal Memorial State University and Dr. Jose Rizal Memorial Hospital in which individuals who get vaccinated were given 5 kilos of rice as their incentive. 

As the country welcomes foreign tourists Mayor Rosalina Jalosjos said the high percentage of vaccinated individuals is a big leap to ensure everyone’s safety against this highly infectious disease.

It will also boost the economic activity in the city as it mainly relies on the tourism industry. Tourists who would want to visit the city will be reassured of their safety as the number of vaccinated individuals are higher.