Land Resources

The existing land uses of the City are classified as residential, commercial, institutional, agricultural, tourism, industrial, parks and open spaces, special aquatic development zone and special use zone.

With the total land area of 39,053 hectares, 74.4% or 29,055 hectares are utilized for various agricultural purposes. Out of this area, classified alienable and disposable land area covers 31,926 hectares while public forestland area, including mangroves, swamps, marshes and watershed areas total 7,127 hectares.

Aquatic Resources

Dapitan City has a very long shoreline.  Twenty (20) or 40% of its 50 barangays are situated along the coast.  Eleven (11) barangays are situated along Dapitan River, eight (8) barangays are along Liboran River and two (2) barangays are along Pulauan River.  Hence, fishing is the second source of livelihood of the people. 

The seas within the territorial waters of the City abound with plentiful supply of fish, prawns, seaweeds and other marine products.  Developed fishponds in the area comprise 1,562 hectares or 4% of the City’s total land area.

Mineral Resources

Dapitan is situated near a major gold reserve such that the presence of metallic minerals like Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron and Manganese have also been detected within its jurisdiction.  Non-metallic minerals like Guano, Asbestos, Magnetite Iron Sand, Silica, Magnetite Sand and Allied Minerals also abound in Dapitan.