The proud heritage that was the legacy of our national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal, who spent four years of his life in exile in Dapitan, justifiably influenced the conception of its City Seal.

The escutcheon has four quadrants – two of which bear tribute to Dr. Jose P. Rizal: the concrete marker beside Rizal’s Relief Map of Mindanao in front of the Catholic Church and the “Batong Lumayag”, a big lump of igneous rock which stands on the shores of the Rizal Shrine at Talisay.  The gentle waves of Dapitan Bay continuously lapping at its bases, give it an illusion of being afloat hence the name.  It is nature’s own monument to that great protean who spent many afternoons atop this huge rock in meditation or simply for drawing inspiration.  A facsimile of our national hero’s signature is appropriately super-imposed on this quadrant.

A third quadrant shows a group of “sapits”, frail sailboats which brought Datu Pagbuaya and his people to an otherwise unknown destination except “Didto sa Pagadapitan” – “Dapitan” – finally, the name of the settlement.

A fourth quadrant signifies the lifeblood of the city – its seas and farmlands and the coconut tree which could well be the tree of life.  It portrays the City’s major resources which provide livelihood to its people.

The history and patrimony of the Shrine City of Dapitan are wholly embraced by her people in 50 barangays, therefore, 50 stars encompass the seal of the City. 1963 was the year when the Charter of the City was signed into Law.

* The seal was designed by Mr. Thaddeus T. Hamoy and was officially adopted by the Sangguniang Panlungsod by virtue of Resolution No.  42 dated May 7, 1977.