The Dapitan City Water District (DCWD) served the City’s urban population and some households in nearby barangays. Presently, it has 17 barangays as its service areas of 3,229 household connections with 2,604 residential, 145 commercial and 47 government including five rural barangays. Water treatment is by chlorination.

The system has a minimum discharge of 100 liters per second or 8,640,000 liters per day. It served City residents that are not served by the DCWD derived their water supply from privately-owned shallow wells and open dug wells.

Sources of water supply are the Ambogoc watershed at Purok Guava, Maria Cristina; Talyaman Creek at Sitio Kalangres, Diwaan and Oyan Pumping Water Station at Barangay Oyan with approximately 6, 10, and 8 kilometers away respectively, from the City’s urban core.